Anal Itching

Anal itching also known as  (Pruritus Ani), or for the non-medical types its just an itchy bum. Since I am a sufferer of Hemorrhoids and not a doctor, we can just skip the Medical mumbo jumbo for now.  🙂

What is anal itching?

Anal itching is the irritation of the skin at the exit of the rectum, known as the anus, accompanied by the desire to scratch. Although itching may be a reaction to chemicals in the stool, it often implies that there is inflammation of the anal area. The intensity of anal itching and the amount of inflammation increases from the direct trauma of scratching and the presence of moisture. So the more you scratch and the harder you scratch the worse it can get.

What causes Itchy Bum?

Itchy bum/ anal itch can be caused by irritating chemicals in the foods we eat, such as are found in spices, hot sauces, and peppers.
Anal itching also can be caused by the irritation of continuous moisture in the anus caused by frequent liquid stools, diarrhea, or escape of small amounts of stool (incontinence).
Psoriasis also can irritate the anus.
Abnormal passageways (fistulas) from the small intestine or colon to the skin surrounding the anus can form as a result of disease (such as Crohn’s disease), and these fistulas bring irritating fluids to the anal area.

Other problems that can cause anal itching include:

  • pinworms
  • hemorrhoids, “more common”
  • tears of the anal skin (fissures)

How is Itchy Bum treated?

Initial treatment of simple itching is directed toward relieving the burning and soreness. For natural Hemorrhoid Treatment It is important to clean and dry the anus thoroughly and avoid leaving soap in the anal area. Cleaning efforts should include gentle showering without direct rubbing or soreness of the skin with either the washcloth or towel. After bowel movements, moist pads (such as baby wipes, flushable moist wipes, and flushable anal cleansing wipes) should be used for cleaning the anus instead of toilet paper.

Ointments, creams, and gels – when used around the anus – should be applied as a thin covering. When applied to the anal canal, these products should be inserted with a finger or a “pile pipe.”  Suppositories or foams do not have advantages over ointments, creams, and gels.

Natural and Fast Impetigo (Infantigo) Treatment

Impetigo or Infantigo is a common but extremely bothersome skin condition that is most prevalent among young children. It is highly contagious and can be passed around the daycare center or classroom just as quickly and easily as chicken pox. Adults can also contract impetigo, but that is much less common, unless the adults happen to play contact sports such as wrestling or rugby.

Those with impetigo will have one of two different forms of the infection; bullous impetigo or ecthyma.

Bullous impetigo is most common among children under the age of 2 and is characterized by the appearance of small fluid filled blisters on various different parts of the body. These blisters are not painful, but the skin around the blisters is usually red and itchy.

Ecthyma is a much more severe version of impetigo, which is characterized by painful, pus filled blisters, swollen lymph glands, scales and little holes in the skin. Adults who do contract impetigo will generally be diagnosed with ecthyma.

Whether the sufferer is an adult or a child, however, the pain and social awkwardness that they experience will be the same. Ecthyma impetigo is usually found on the feet and legs but it can also appear on a person’s face, neck and virtually anywhere else on the body.

Aside from the pain and awkwardness experienced by impetigo sufferers, if left untreated or not properly cared for, impetigo can become infected, which will not only further the issue but is likely to result in several scars.

Impetigo/Infantigo Treatments

Impetigo treatment methods vary, but antibiotics are usually prescribed by doctors. Other traditional impetigo treatment methods include bacterial ointments and a lot of soap and water.

Those who have suffered through impetigo, particularly adults, have had to suffer for a duration of two to three weeks before their symptoms cleared up while utilizing methods prescribed to them by their doctor.

This extended treatment time frame, along with the embarrassment suffered throughout the infection and the cost of medical treatment, has led many sufferers to look for natural or alternative treatment methods.

“Fast Impetigo Cure” by Stephen Sandersson

Who Is Stephen Sandersson?

Stephen Sanderson contracted impetigo from his youngest niece when he was 32 years old. His frustration over being told that it would probably take about 21 days for the impetigo to clear up led him to begin researching all possible alternative methods of impetigo treatment.

After committing to both researching and trying out some of the natural alternatives that he found, he discovered the right mixture of natural products and cured himself of his impetigo 11 days before his doctor had predicted that it would clear up.

After his success, he shared his secrets with several other people who were suffering from the same affliction. Parents came to him for help and also utilized his methods to cure their children. Mr. Sanderson quickly discovered that those who began using his impetigo treatment immediately were generally impetigo free within 3 days.

After spending 5 years doing further research and sharing his discovery with several local sufferers of impetigo, Sanderson decided that he needed to also share this information with the rest of the world.

Having suffered through the pain and embarrassment of the skin infection, he knows more personally about the condition than most doctors who have never had their own encounter with impetigo. As such, he understands the physical and social aspects of what sufferers are going through and how they can negatively impact their career or school life.

To assist fellow sufferers in the most wide reaching way possible, he has compiled a guide with step-by-step instructions, entitled “Fast Impetigo Cure“.

What Do You Get with “Fast Impetigo Cure” System?

This guide, which is available instantly through an eBook download, will explain exactly what impetigo is and how to cure yourself of it. It goes through multiple different scenarios and explains the best natural methods to remove your or your child’s embarrassing impetigo bumps within 3 days.

Sanderson’s eBook does not skimp on content and, instead, is actually filled with a surprisingly large amount of crucial information. It is written in an easy to read format and it places an emphasis on not only curing the impetigo infection, but in also making sure that the sufferer will not spend the rest of their life with the telltale scars of the illness. Perhaps best of all, the eBook comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee, so you can try Sanderson’s impetigo treatment completely risk free.

Cutting the duration of an impetigo outbreak from 21 days to 3 days, especially with a risk free product, is a no brainer. If you or your child is currently suffering from impetigo, the “Fast Impetigo Cure” guide is well-worth to try.

What Causes Blue Waffles Infections?

Before beginning the search for a cure for a blue waffle infection, it is important to first determine what yeast infections are and what causes yeast infections. Yeast infections also known as candidiasis is something a result of blue waffles disease can affect anyone male or female and of any age although it is commonly women who complain of a yeast infection in the vaginal area.

Candida Albicans

Yeast infections are caused by fungi which are prevalent all over the body and it is quite normal for them to be present on the body. Yeast infections become a concern when there is an overgrowth of yeast in a particular area of the body leading to many unpleasant symptoms.

When this overgrowth occurs, it is usually blamed on a fungus known as candida with the most common type being Candida Albicans although many other types of fungi can play a role in yeast infections. However in most cases of yeast infections, the candida commonly making up the greatest percentage of the infection is candida albicans. Under a microscope, candida appears as round, large colonies of cream, white or whitish gray substance.

As mentioned earlier, all types of candid including candida albicans, are common in a healthy body and can dwell peacefully with other flora found in the body. In a healthy body, there will be a perfect balance between fungi and bacteria with each of these keeping the other in check to prevent overgrowth of either bacteria or fungi.

Fungi prefer warm, dark, wet areas of the body such as the mouth, ears, the gastrointestinal area, ears, skin folds, armpits, vaginal or anal area, etc.

The normal form of candida including candida albicans is in the form of single oval yeast cells. When in yeast form, it usually duplicates itself through budding. This results in the cells creating genetic clones of themselves through bulbs that “grow” out of them. These bulbs may stay attached to the parent cells for a little while before letting go of the parent cells.

What Causes?

A healthy human body remains at a certain temperature and a certain pH level (potential of hydrogen which measures the acidity or alkinity on a scale of 0 to 14 with 7 being neutral) which keeps the yeast and bacteria in check and perfectly balanced without problems.

What causes your blue waffles infections is that when the body temperature and/or the pH levels change for whatever reason, it could lead to an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast or the death of bacteria that prevent the overgrowth of candida. When there is an overgrowth of yeast, it leads to yeast infections. What disrupts this perfect ph balance remains unknown but there are certain risk factors.

Candida albicans mark their territory during this overgrowth by causing any of these sensations such as burning, soreness, itching or tingling. In some cases, no symptoms of a yeast infection are produced. When some of these symptoms of a yeast infection are produced, it is usually advisable not to scratch or rub the irritated areas as it will only make the candida albicans overgrowth problem worse.

Other symptoms of a yeast infection include fatigue, muscle aches, drowsiness, pain or swelling in the joints, fluid retention, dizziness, tissue swelling, lack of coordination, loss of balance, lack of concentration, mood swings, poor memory, depression, irritability, anxiety, and cravings for sugars, carbohydrates and alcohol since yeast loves sugars or anything that will be converted to sugar.

It should be noted that while these are some of the common symptoms of a yeast infection, they can also be symptoms of other conditions so if in doubt, only a doctor can pinpoint what the problem is whether it is candidiasis or some other infection.

When a yeast infection is to blame, other side effects can be present in or around the infected area such as white or cream colored patches inside the mouth, that go as far as the soft palate which can lead to digestion problems and even make bowel movement difficult.

Vaginal areas may report an excessive white or whitish discharge. Penises affected by yeast infections can have patchy sores on or around the head or the foreskin. There can also be a discharge from ears, in the stool, etc.

It is important to take steps to cure a yeast infection immediately or it may cause other conditions that you may have to become more serious and even fatal. This is especially true in individuals who have a weakened immune system or an underdeveloped immune system from other conditions such as diabetes, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Yeast infections and even persistent yeast infections can be cured easily with drugs or natural remedies. Curing a yeast infection naturally is probably best because there are usually no side effects associated with natural remedies unlike with drugs and these methods are cheaper.

When studying what causes yeast infections, it is important to note that while an overgrowth of candida albicans is usually to blame for yeast infections, it is still unknown why this overgrowth occurs although certain risk factors have been identified that can lead to issues with the pH or body temperature.

Ultrasound Technician Schools In Alabama

Alabama is very popular state because of its rich history while it has mountains in the north area and Gulf coast in the area of south and spread 4 national forests throughout the state. Because a large number of populations come under the line of poverty so the health industry is an important industry in Alabama.

Sonography Education in Alabama

Alabama schools or institute offers a number of affiliated courses for those students who are interested in diagnostic imaging field. Students can choose the course from the fast track to long track programs according to the requirement like one year vocational course and other associate degree in particular field radiology, vascular sonography and general diagnostic imaging.

Ultrasound technology classes’ faculty members can select working in the one of 6 affiliated ultrasound technology schools or institute in Alabama. Some statistics help to analyze the present scenario of the ultrasound technology schools.

  • Certification of Ultrasound technology
  • Associate degree program in Ultrasound technology

Ultrasound technology training schools in Alabama

H.council Trenholm State Technical institute for Ultrasound technology

It is established in 2000 after merging with the John M. Patterson State Technical institute. This college provide the associative course for becoming ultrasound technology or diagnostic clinical sonography which is affiliated by the Commission on Affiliation of Allied healthcare Education Programs or courses and JRCDMS (the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical or Clinical Sonography).

Associate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This course provides the clinical experience in ultrasound instrumentation and physics, abdominal sonography, gynecology and obstetrics and small parts. Students get training in hand on experience in clinical experiences in labs.

George C. Wallace State Community College

It is established in 1996 and Hanceville is a part of the institute or college system which serves approx 300,000 and more than that. This is the largest college of the Alabama Community college system and it provide an associate program in diagnostic imaging medical Sonography.

Associate degree program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This course trains the students in the supervision of the physician to take out the image of the internal organs of the human body using a scanner which create sound waves to generate the magnetic field in the body. Students are trained to analyze the clear images of the organs which help the physician.

Virginia College-Birmingham

Virginia College is a private college for offering courses like associate degrees, one year vocational course for diploma and many other courses at its various campuses in other location. It is affiliated from Council of independent Schools and colleges.

Community school of Air Force

This college also offer the associate degree in the diagnostic medical sonography and it supports to enhance the mission readiness and contribute in recruiting and also help the Air force enlisted members in the career development.

Outlook career in Alabama

The most of the population is going through the problem of obesity then the radiology and sonography is very important in this state.

Tonsil Stones Smell

Tonsil stones smell horribly bad. If you have actually ever been regrettable enough to find out that tonsil stones smell or incidentally bit one you know just how bad tonsil stone can be. Tonsil stone smell is so bad that it has been called the aroma of hell. Try to ask your self why tonsil stones smell bad.

Tonsilloliths are triggered by a variety of factors such as food fragments, mucous from post nasal drip, and other items that collect in small amount gaps or pockets on the tonsils called tonsil crypts. In addition to these fragments, our mouths teem with odor causing germs that flourishes in bad surrounding such that produces a volatile sulfur material waste that caught in addition to the other bits. This waste product is among the main factors why tonsil stones smell. These smelling anaerobic germs are utilizes your mouth as their toilet.

Why Does Tonsil Stones Smell.

On the long term these smelling germs is filled white substance that begin to calcify and solidify which causes little stone. These stones are in some cases relatively deep but some times they remain on the surface area of the tonsils. In addition to why tonsil stones smell is produced by the stone itself that causes the foul breath and can results in a troubling and disruptive feeling of having actually a things trapped in the back of your throat. This can lead to soreness in the throat or a cough with out any reason. A long time the stones are very little, some tonsilloliths have been known to grow big.

There are many approaches and methods to avoid tonsil stones which is to eliminate the tonsils. This procedure is not necessary and it thought about a radical solution to why tonsil stones smell and means to end the issue. There are several other removal alternatives readily available however one the very best choices is an oral irrigator which uses water pressure to get rid of the stone.

How do you eliminating tonsil stones and guarantee that they will not return. using an excellent health to minimize the buildup of bacteria and unstable sulfur material, mucous and food fragments that makes tonsil stones smell will help minimize or prevent future tonsil stones.

In this article i gone over why tonsil stones smell and techniques you can use to remove tonsil stones read these simple tips and it will help you in your study on why tonsil stones smell thanks.

Stuffed Pepper Recipes

This dish has a gourmet feel to it. The colors and flavors make for a feast for the eyes and stomach. It could be prepared as a starter, but it is more filling than it appears so works as a main dish served with a side of salad too. You could use capsicums/peppers of any color, but the yellow and red ones seem to have the most flavor. The smell emanating from the oven while these peppers bake is simply wonderful!


3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil (keep 2 tablespoons separate)

1 medium onion

250g white button mushrooms (cremini mushrooms will be fine)

2 cloves garlic

2 large chicken breasts

2 tablespoons chopped, fresh basil

½ teaspoon black pepper

½ teaspoon salt

6 capsicums/peppers – colors of your choice – red and yellow are more flavorful than green peppers

100g feta

2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar


1. Heat a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil in a pan. Keep the stove on medium heat.

2. While the oil is heating up, chop the onion into small pieces.

3. Add the chopped onion to the hot oil, and while it is cooking, wash and slice the mushrooms into thin slices.

4. When the onion appears cooked, add the sliced mushrooms to the pan.

5. Keep stirring every now and then to ensure that all the mushrooms cook evenly.

6. While the mushrooms are cooking, wash and dice the chicken breasts.

7. Peel and crush the two cloves of garlic. Add to the pan. Take special care to not add the garlic earlier than this stage since garlic tastes bitter if cooked for too long.

8. Turn the oven on – preheat to 180°C.

9. When the mushrooms are cooked (they will appear brown and shrunken), add the chicken breasts, chopped basil, black pepper and salt, and stir occasionally until thoroughly cooked. Take the pan off the stove.

10. Crumble the feta and add to the above mixture.

11. Remove the stem of each pepper, cutting around the top of the pepper.

12. Scoop some of the chicken/mushroom mixture into each pepper, until they are all fully stuffed.

13. Place the stuffed peppers onto any baking tray/dish suitable for the oven.

14. Dribble the remaining 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and the 2 tablespoons of the white balsamic vinegar onto the open tops of the peppers.

15. Put the peppers into the oven when it is at temperature.

16. Bake the peppers at 180°C for 15-20 minutes, until the peppers look brown at the tops.

Serves 3-6.

Serve this meal with a crisp, green salad for a filling dinner, or as an appetizer at a dinner party. Enjoy!

Recipes Hamburgers

Here goes:

1 lb, ground turkey/chicken
1-2 lbs, ground beef (70/30)
1 cup dried, minced, onions
1/2 teaspoon, Paprika
1 teaspoon, garlic salt, salt, pepper
3 eggs for 2 lbs of meat, or 4 eggs, for three lbs

Sliced Red Onions
Pepper Jack Cheese
Sliced Tomatoes

Mix the all ingredients, either with your hands or a Kitchen Aid, until they form a consistent mass. Once mixed form into five inch diameter patties and cook as desired. If you are using a grill feel free to add your favorite BBQ sauce. Just before the patties are cooked add the sliced Pepper Jack Cheese and Sliced Red Onions. (If desired you can also toast your buns by lightly buttering them and placing them on a warm skillet.) Once the cheese has melted place on bun with condiments to your liking, add the sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Another great addition can be thick sliced bacon.

Recipes Crockpot Sausage

Crock-pot Sausage: An Italian staple

Sausage can be cooked in many wondrous ways. Some like the crunchy, slightly burnt boardwalk style that was made famous on the Jersey Shore. Some like it sliced into pennies and thrown into their lasagna. My favorite way is in the crock-pot. It comes out tender, moist, and flavorful.
The ingredients are simple, and the recipe is perfect for amateur cooks, or just harried mothers on the go.
You need:
2 Large onions
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
Enough sweet Italian sausage to feed your crew – think about 2 links per person
2 jars of your favorite marinara spaghetti sauce
16 oz of water
Mozzarella cheese
Enough hoagie rolls to house each sausage

First, you peel and cut your onions in half, then slice the halves into thin strips. Arrange all of the onions into a layer on the bottom of the crock-pot.
Next, you core your peppers, and rinse the excess seeds out. Cut each pepper in half, then again into thin strips. Place this layer over the onions.
Take your Italian sausage, and place them on top of the peppers.
Pour the marinara sauce over the sausage, and add the water.
Cover the crock-pot with the lid, and set to cook for 4 hours. Check every hour or so to make sure the water hasn’t cooked out. Feel free to add more if needed.
Put a small amount of the onions and peppers onto a hoagie roll, and place the sausage onto the roll. Next, ladle some sauce onto all, and top with mozzarella cheese.
Finally – enjoy!

Beef and Black Bean Chili

Beef and Black Bean Chili

1-1/2 lbs. Ground Chuck

1 Large Onion (diced)

1 Red Pepper and 1 Green Pepper (diced)

2 Cans Black Beans (drained)

2 heaping Tbs. Chili Powder

1 Bottle Dark Beer

3 Tbs. Cocoa Powder/Salt and pepper to taste

2 Lg. cans diced tomatoes/ 1 lg. can crushed tomatoes

Brown ground chuck and drain. Add diced onions and peppers and cook on med. heat for 10 min.

Add the 3 cans of tomatoes and mix together.

Add chili powder, salt and pepper, cocoa powder and beer. Stir together and add drained black beans. Cover and simmer on low for about 1 hour. Serve with crackers or top with shredded cheese of choice.

Recipes Easy Homemade Tacos and Filling

Tacos are a great quick meal. They also serve up nicely at a slumber party or any event where finger foods are being served. You have two basic types of tacos, meat and meatless.


8 hard or soft taco shells


1 pound of fresh ground hamburger or turkey, 1 taco seasoning packet (mild, medium or hot), 2 tablespoons of olive oil

In a large frying pan heat the olive oil and add the hamburger and taco seasoning cook about 15 minutes, grind up with a potato masher or run through a food processor after the meat cools a little.


1 box of Boca burgers or any vegetarian meat alternative, 1 taco seasoning packet (mild, medium or hot) 2 tablespoons of olive oil

In a large frying pan heat the olive oil and add the meat alternative and taco seasoning, cook about 15 minutes, grind up with a potato masher or run through a food processor after it cools a little.

Now that you have your main ingredient stuff about 3 tablespoons in a hard or soft taco shell. Then choose one or all of the ingredients listed below and add 1 tablespoon of each.


1 cup of shredded lettuce, 1 cup of diced fresh tomatoes, 1 cup of refried beans, 1 cup of shredded cheese, 1 cup of salsa, 1 cup of sour cream, 1 cup of taco sauce (mild, medium, hot)

There are several fillings you can add to your taco. When making them for a “group” of people it’s better to stick with the basics and allow them to choose which fillings they want rather than putting them together ahead of time.

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