Paul Timman was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1972. He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1995 with a degree in sculptured glass. He began tattooing after being encouraged by friends.  He began tattooing out of his apartment in Cleveland, but quickly outgrew his premises and started working at the Toledo Tattoo Company.

By 1997 he had moved to Los Angeles and got a job at one of the most famous tattoo parlors in the world, Sunset Strip Tattoo in Hollywood.  While working there he has acquired a large number of celebrity clientele.  He has also worked in film and television as an artist and technical advisor to such shows as “Big Love”, “Mad About You”, & “The Fairy Snapmother” which was a commercial for Slim Jim.  He has also appeared on numerous television shows on the E! channel and other VH1 & MTV programs.

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